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Assaf Engel


With over 25 years on the drum set, Assaf Engel is a highly skilled drummer and music producer with a wide range of experience and versatility in all aspects on the drum set.

Assaf has taken part in dozens of productions, live shows and studio sessions with Israel's most famous musicians and many popular concert acts throughout his career.

Assaf's combination of knowledge, technique, experience and versatility on the drum set will help you get your dream drum tracks on your recordings with a good  clear sound and fast delivery.





Remote Session

I will record your drum tracks at my studio, with high quality gear.
I can help to come up with the perfect drum part for your song or just play a chart if required.
Contact me for a friendly chat or quote via the contact form below and let me know your session requirements and ambitions.


Studio Session

Recording at the studios is something I've been doing for quite a while with many musicians, producers and sound engineers.
Whether it's a big famous studio or something small and intimate - I've done them all.
I will bring my high quality equipment wherever needed.

יונתן קונדה אותיות פורחות באויר הופעה מגידו -4678.jpg


Being on stage is probably my favorite part of being a drummer.
As I have experience of hundreds of live shows, I will play your music with passion, a smile and spot on timing.
I have all the gear needed for the perfect live show.